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Too Hurt To Stay

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Eight-year-old Spencer takes himself to social services and demands to be taken into care. It's a desperate act, a cry for help, but his parent's reaction -- good riddance -- speaks volumes.

Immediately Casey's hackles are up for this poor child: it seems he either comes to live with the Watsons, or he'll be sent to a children's home. Spencer is the middle child of four siblings. His parents claim all their other kids are 'normal' and that Spencer was born 'vicious and evil'. Casey and her family are disgusted -- kids aren't born evil, they get damaged. Although when vigilante neighbours start to take action and their landlord threatens eviction, Casey is stretched to the limits, trying desperately to hold on to this boy who causes so much pain and destruction.

Casey is determined to try and understand what Spencer is going through and help him find the loving home he is so desperately searching for. But it's only when Spencer's mother gets in touch with social services for the first time that gradually everything starts to make sense.

About the Author

Casey Watson is a specialist foster carer. She has been working in this field for six years after giving up her position as a behaviour manager for a local school. Casey combines fostering with writing, usually late at night when the rest of the family is sleeping. Casey is married with two grown-up children and three grandchildren. The name Casey Watson is a pseudonym.

It's The Customer, Stupid! 34 Wake-up Calls To Help You Stay Client-focused

RRP $59.99

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"Way too many talk about customer service and way coo few deliver it. Maybe that's because they don't know the tangible actions to take. That just changed. Buy this book and do what it says."-Larry Winget, television personality and author of five bestsellers, including Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

"In his simple, direct, and irreverent style, Michael Aun uses humor to tell it like it is: you had better care for your customers, stupid, or they'll find someone else who will!"-Barbara Glanz, speaker and author of CARE Packages for Your Customers

"Michael Aun is a highly successful businessperson and excellent communicator. Not only does he know what it takes to get and keep customers, he's able to communicate his wisdom in an engaging and entertaining way."-Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor

"This book will teach you how to turn customer relationships into perpetual assets. Michael Aun is so far in the lead on this, he's doing something else-he's unbeatable with customers."-Alan Weiss, PhD, author of Million Dollar Consulting Million Dollar Speaking, and Million Dollar Coaching

"Michael offers profound insights around a single, powerful theme: that profitable organizations understand their business is customer service no matter the product."-Howard Putnam, former CEO, Southwest Airlines, and author of The Winds of Turbulence

Unhappy customers won't just dump you. No, first they'll tell at least ten or more people about their bad experience with your company, and then they'll broadcast it online. But wait, you say you have a good customer service department? Really? What hoops do your customers have to jump through before you help them? What rules have you wrapped around your customer service department, so that your reps can't really help? How long do you keep your customers on hold?

In It's the Customer, Stupid!, top salesperson and motivational speaker Michael Aun shares his secrets to keeping your customers happy, your sales growing, and yourself sane. You'll discover the myths and truths about customer satisfaction-and why many businesses and organizations, despite their claims of being customer-centric, really haven't got a clue.

The good news is that you MM woo disgruntled customers back, keep them content, and even grow sales. But first, wake up and smell the coffee: It's the Customer Stupid!

250 Tips For Staying Young

RRP $18.99

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This book is the perfect cure for feeling old. It offers a fresh take on aging with a lot of practical advice. There are suggestions and solutions to avoid behaviors that may make you appear older than your chronological age. Written by a highly qualified adviser in a common-sense style, this book is a resource and a must-read for anyone with an aging partner or relative. Most middle-aged peple hate getting older. This book makes suggestions for meeting the challenges of aging. Part I draws attention to negative habits and behaviors that may develop as one ages. Each chapter contains suggestions on making positive changes. Part II raises more serious concerns and gives examples of how getting older may bring freedom from certain preoccupations. At minimum, this book provides ideas to consider whether you are a boomer or a pre-boomer. And if you are a youthful fifty-plus-year-old, you may want to read this book for more insight into the behavior of your older partner, parent or relative.


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